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ShoutOut connects your business with local influencers. They share positive posts about your brand to help you reach new people authentically.

No more guessing what marketing works.

No more relying on dwindling foot traffic.

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ShoutOut Benefits

Real Influencers

We connect you with verified local influencers who genuinely engage their audience.

Real results

Boost your visibility and sales through impactful influencer collaborations.

Influencers create authentic content that resonates and drives interest to your business.

Real Engagement

Manage and optimize your campaigns effortlessly with our intuitive dashboard.

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Why Local Businesses Love ShoutOut




“Within just days, we got 2,000+ more followers and doubled our ticket sales.”

Chicago Magic Lounge




“After a few campaigns, I started seeing more comments, questions, and inquires about my Cafe. ShoutOut has tripled our engagement on social media and has helped us stand out.”

Cafe Cremerie




“ShoutOut helped a lot with our second location opening. After a few posts, we received calls from new clients. The content through ShoutOut is far more authentic than anything else we have tried before.”
Dr. Jodi

Chicago Spine Stability

How it Works

Browse Creators

Find the perfect match by exploring pre-vetted local influencers.

Send Offers

Reach out to influencers with cash and perks to promote your business.

Launch Campaigns

Create campaigns for big announcements and get influencers to spread the word.

Build Awareness

Make ShoutOut a regular part of your marketing to keep your business top-of-mind.

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