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Hi, I am Gamze. ---- PERFORMANCE ---- If my post fails to reach a minimum of 3,400 views in the first week of posting, I promise to give your money back to your business. My content gets more views than many of the micro-influencers with 10,000 followers. ---- AVAILABILITY ---- I don’t work any 9-5 jobs. Influencer marketing (brand collaboration, UGC, affiliate marketing), acting or modeling in commercials, design consulting, and architectural designs are what I do daily, so you can hire me to come in during weekdays and business hours and with short notice!! ---- PERSONALITY TYPE ---- In one of my recent posts, I explained myself as written below. I hope it helps you get to know me better. “If a hot girl walks into a restaurant like a fashionista on the red carpet, that may or may not be me. But if she starts smelling her food before she eats, starts making jokes and funny mimics and laughs at them afterward, starts getting her photo shoots a little too awkwardly close or a little too awkwardly far from the products, and starts walking around taking photos of the interior design, the ambiance too to appreciate that too, then, it is me. ;)” ---- FURTHER QUESTIONS ---- E-mail: Instagram dm: @gamzeduyguuu Thank you, and cheers! :)


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