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Why use ShoutOut?

ShoutOut is the only platform that connects local businesses with digital creators with the click of a button. We are here to make you money while growing your following by posting and promoting products and services you already know and love.

What makes me a creator?

Your influence within your community is bigger than you think – you have built trusting relationships with your followers who care about what you have to say. Think of it this way, if you post about your favorite local restaurant on social media, you’re going to get more interactions from people more likely to go to this restaurant than if a celebrity would post about it, since most of their following is not in your area. This is what we call engagement…and gaining higher engagement is everything to a business.

Is using ShoutOut easy?

Who wants an app that’s NOT easy to use…not us. Think of ShoutOut as an extension of your life – you’re already using these products and services in addition to being active on social media, you might as well get paid for it!

Why wouldn’t I just contact the business directly?

Digital creators connecting with businesses directly will always be prevalent. ShoutOut is here to ensure the business receives their desired promotion and that you are paid for your work. We’re eliminating the back and forth negotiating, while opening a line of communication between parties they may not have had before.

When do I get paid?

Payment will be deposited into your selected account 1-3 business days after you withdraw the balance from your ShoutOut wallet.

Who determines how much I make?

You do! You know your value and are the only one who can decide how much to charge per post. But if you need help figuring out what to charge, we will have a suggested price for you based on your social media engagement rate.

Is there a signup or subscription fee?

Nope! Joining ShoutOut as a creator is always free.

What happens if the business doesn't want to pay?

There is no uncertainty with ShoutOut. We’re here to make sure both parties hold up their end of the deal – you will always get paid when you complete your posts, as long as you follow the business’ requests for promotion.

Who determines which medium is posted on?

Both. The business will only be able to choose from the social platforms you offer on your profile.

Can I receive free goods as payment?

Cash is king, right?

Can I market myself on my own?

Of course! You’ll be able to personalize your profile with photos and videos that best represent you and your personality, making it easy to market yourself to brands. There is also no contract with ShoutOut, meaning you are able to work with brands outside our platform if you wish.

Are there any incentives for signing up businesses?

In the future we will have a referral program, but for now, the best part about getting a business to sign up is that you are most likely going to be the creator they choose to promote their business! Money in your pocket.

Do I have to go to the business to perform a post?

You don’t have to, but you will have the option. On your menu of offerings, you can choose to add the option of going to the business for an additional fixed fee.

Can I reject a request to make a post for a business?

Yes. We want everyone to feel comfortable with the business they are working with. The option to decline is always available.

What information do I need to become a digital creator on shoutout?

You need an active Instagram and/or TikTok account, phone number, email address, and a Venmo or PayPal account.

How do I know what categories I am most influential in?

What do you like to do? What makes you happy? What do you like to post about on social media? Whatever the answers are to these questions, is probably what you are most influential in.

How do I know if I am a good fit for a business?

You can always research the business to see if you like and/or feel comfortable with it. There is a reason a business has chosen you for a ShoutOut, however declining an offer is always an option.

How do businesses know to choose me to create a post?

This is why curating your portfolio with photos and videos is so important! Your portfolio is a reflection of you – think of it as a walking ad and the first impression you will make on a business.

Does ShoutOut require a contract to be a digital creator?

There is no contract with ShoutOut or the businesses you work with. Once the agreed upon ShoutOut has been posted, you do not have any other obligations.

Can I be a creator on other sites?

Yes! Shoutout does not restrict you from doing anything you want or love to do.

Can I make as many posts as I want to promote a business?

You can create as many posts for a business as you’d like, however you will only be paid for the agreed upon amount and type of posts the business requests from you.

Can I sign up and work in multiple cities?

Yes! If you feel you are influential in multiple cities, you are more than welcome to be a ShoutOut creator once we launch in other cities.

Can I be a business and a creator?

Absolutely! Simply create a creator and business account.

Is there a charge to be a creator?

Signing up with ShoutOut is free, and you keep 90% of your earnings - we take a small service fee.

Why is my ShoutOut account suspended?

Account suspensions can result from various factors, often linked to overlooked cancellations of collaborations, failure to meet commitments, or the delivery of content. These occurrences emphasize the importance of maintaining a high standard of professionalism and adherence to community guidelines on ShoutOut. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address and guide you through the resolution of these issues. Feel free to reach out to us at for personalized assistance. Additionally, for a comprehensive understanding of our community standards, we encourage you to review the ShoutOut community guidelines available on our platform.

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